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"We serve"

Our Services

In addition to the Lions Club services both national and international, the Lions Club of Merano - Meran Host has given significant contributions to the local environment:
Over the years we have contributed to the hospital of Merano:

  • The first furnishings of chairs, beds and other medical supplies
  • A blood bank cooling unit for Merano
  • Support for various humanitarian projects throughout Asia and Africa
  • Contributions to Medicus Comicus (Hospital Clowns)
  • Monument sign for Empress Elisabeth Sisi Park
  • Restoration of the fresco outside the Cathedral of Lana
  • Contributions to the "Peter Pan" association
  • Plantation of trees along the old passage walk
  • Archway/doorway of the church Santo Spirito
  • Little angels from the Pucini Theater
  • Dedication on the sulls dome of Kursaal
  • Barbara Crypt Chapel
  • Commemorative table for Pokorny of Uranina
  • Commemorative table in the city-square of Steinach
  • Stereo system for the Merano Retirement Home
  • Restoration of the fresco "S.Veronica" in the Cathedral of Merano
  • Support for nursing home "Karlinum" Merano
  • Delivery of Max (a guide dog) to Mr. Markus Telser in Spondigna
  • Window of the Parish Church St. Nicholas in Merano
  • Archway/doorway of the church of S. Barbara
  • Statue of the Madonna in Avelengo/Hafling
  • Old tombstone next to the sacriment of the S. Nicholas parish church in Merano
  • The Fresco of S. Lazarus at the parish church in Merano
  • Coat-of-arms mosaic on Post Bridge in Merano
  • Contribution to print the book "in Meran Künstler" (The artists of Merano/Meran)
  • Donation to the association of Vinzenzverein S. Vigil
  • Donation to assist the flood victims of Dresden
  • Posters for Peace sponsor at the Merano III and Wenter middleschools
  • Collecting used eyeglasses for donations