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Lions Cub Meran Host Charter

The Lions Club of Merano / Meran

is sponsored by the Lions Club Bolzano/Bozen, whose original members Longobardi, Mair, Inderst, Maviglia, Tranquillini and Prinegg promoted the establishment of the Lions Club in Merano. The foundation itself was recognized on 12/03/1957 and celebrations took place on 19/10/1957 at the Hotel Bristol in Merano.
"At first the meetings chaired by Tullio Tranquillini were held at the Hotel Bristol in a very informal manner. We chatted about this-and-that and then there were talks of the objectives of the LIONS Club which we looked upon as very noble. Over time the mutual respect and friendship grew and deepened. The relationships between both German-speaking and Italian-speaking members were natural and spontaneous, which was far from easy in view of the difficult ethnic relations that ran between the two language groups throughout South Tyrol. Throughout those years many bonds of friendship between the German and Italian native speakers had been interrupted – which is something that proudly cannot be said to have happened for the members of our club. "

Foundation of new clubs

In the earlier years the Lions Club Merano / Meran sponsored the creation of even newer clubs. In 1957 the Lions Club of Meran had promoted the creation of the Lions Club to Brück Mur, and in then in turn the LIONS Club Hausruck Griesbircken-Bad-Schallerbach Gallsbach in 1959. In subsequent years both clubs met several times, aboveall in South Tyrol and have always donen so at the behest of the club sponsor.

The Pairing with the L.C. Wiesbadenbaden

According to Karl Zuegg in 1992

"In particular reference to recent meetings with our friends LIONS APPENZELL of Wiesbaden, which was attended by approximately 35 members of Wiesbaden and 35 members of Merano, I think I can see clearly and without exaggeration that the relationships and friendships are the most significant events in our clubs and have stood the test of time.

This pairing was initiated in 1960/61 by President Gentile of Merano and President Plasmann of Wiesbaden and was carried out in 1961/62 by me and President Plasmann. Throughout the wonderful celebrations in Merano, on which occasion we had planted a cedar tree on the spa-promenade, and, in Wiesbaden where the hot springs had been christened in honor of Merano, there were many other meetings in Merano, Wiesbaden, Dornbirn, Chiemsee, Venice, Murnau, Appenzell, etc.”
The friendly relations between the members of Wiesbaden and those of Merano not only have consolidated and expanded over time, but after 33 years it now includes even younger generations of Lions memnbers.


is an institution which is deeply rooted in the social and public life of Merano and Burgraviato. The active interests of Lions Club members in the civic, cultural and social context stems from deep personal conviction. This is visible throughout the many services and is material in nature through everything from donations to contributions of both the personal commitment of time and energy in favor of those who need it. The constant growth of the Lions Club of Merano and the large number of members recorded up until the 90s highlighted the need to establish an even newer Lions Club: the Lions Club Merano / Meran Majense, which was founded in 1993. Both Clubs, Host and Majense, act independently of each other but with a great spirit of friendship and many shared facilities. The secretary of the Club is located in Merano in Freiheitsstraße, 142.

Gruendungsmitglieder Linos Club Mertano mearn Host 1957